HUMAN BEING - Black T-Shirt

If us Humans came in packets (like pretty much everything does these days) we reckon they would look something like this.

After all we're a bit like the usual stuff that comes in big boxes... we're fragile, need to be kept dry, handled with care... And kept the right way up! Especially after a couple of cheeky beers! You can be a walking talking human box... Maybe a beat box... But we'll leave that choice to you!

Hand printed in the UK on a BLACK organic cotton t-shirt.


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  • Mens Small - 11% in stock
  • Mens Medium - 10% in stock
  • Mens Large - 13% in stock
  • Mens X-Large - 20% in stock
  • Mens XX-Large - 29% in stock
  • Womens Small - 12% in stock
  • Womens Medium - 17% in stock
  • Womens Large - 37% in stock
  • Womens X-Large - 32% in stock


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